The half of knowledge is knowing where to find knowledge
— Francis Bacon

Beginning Teachers

Designing a Classroom that inspires but works hard as well

Key Topics

  • Designing a classroom appropriate to subject and audience
  • Classroom management through classroom design
  • Creating a system for efficiency and organization
  • Making your classroom work hard, so you don't

Your Public Image: Designing a Professional Social Media Persona


Key topics

  • Why do teachers need social media at all?
  • Building your brand from the ground up
  • Protecting your public image and keeping your private life private
  • Using social media effectively to create community buy-in

Beginning Teachers

Humanities Teachers

why it's Good: Introducing the fine arts to a reluctant audience



  • Using students' knowledge and experience to make the arts relevant to them
  • Introducing Opera, Classical Music, Ballet, Visual Arts, Poetry, and Theater 
  • Using participatory media to engage students in the fine arts

Teachers as Leaders: How to be a leader in your school, district, and profession


  • Adapting to an ever changing profession in a positive way and leading others to do the same.
  • Implementing your ideas and creating buy-in from others.
  • Lead without turning your back: how to avoid the alienation and isolation that can come with leadership roles.
  • Not all leaders want to be administrators: how to lead from the classroom.


All Teachers

All Teachers

Teachers as communicators: Earning Parent Support and Community Buy-in



  • Parent communication and conferencing
  • Steering the helicopter parent in the right direction
  • Community involvement and civic leadership
  • Business partners and corporate sponsorships

Keynote speeches concerning topics in the 2016 NCTOY platform


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